Celebrating Legacy at Elevate Phoenix Invitational

Celebrating Legacy at Elevate Phoenix Invitational

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Have you ever imagined building a castle? Not just any castle, mind you, but one strong enough to withstand the test of time, a beacon of hope that inspires generations to come. That’s what Elevate Phoenix is all about – building a future where every young person has the tools and support to reach their full potential.

And guess what? This past year’s 7th Annual Elevate Phoenix Invitational, hosted by the legendary golfer Tom Lehman, was like setting the most solid foundation stones for that castle!

We Raised Over $1.4 Million Dollars!

It wasn’t just about fundraising (although we did hit a whopping $1.4 million – that’s over a million for the third year in a row – go team!), it was about celebrating the heroes who make it all possible – the bricks and mortar (and in this case, hearts and minds!) that hold everything together.

Celebrating Heros

Think of a castle’s foundation. Strong, sturdy, hidden beneath the surface but absolutely crucial. That’s Bob Barbee and Tim Cleary. These men are Elevate Phoenix’s cornerstone heroes – the Founding Board Chairman and Founding Executive Director. This past year, we surprised them with a special tribute, honoring their incredible legacy and the impact they’ve had on countless young lives. Seeing their faces light up was like watching those first foundation stones being laid, marking the start of something truly amazing.

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Hope Holders

That’s not all! We also celebrated our newest “Hope Holders,” Dr. Brian Gawley and Dr. Heather St. Peter, along with their incredible organization, Unicorn Philanthropy. These champions understand the importance of investing in future generations, and their support is another vital brick in our castle wall.

And remember Nico Penunuri, an Elevate Phoenix alumnus who’s soared since graduating? His joy at the event was a reminder that our work truly makes a difference.

“It made me want to keep going more,” he beamed, “to show the world what I am capable of!”

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Creating a world where every young person has the chance to shine, the platform to chase their dreams. And here’s the magic: when you support Elevate Phoenix, you’re not just throwing money at a cause. You’re investing in something far more powerful – living stones, as Development Director Jazmine Hall beautifully put it.

Imagine each student as a precious stone, unique and full of potential. With every donation, every volunteer hour, every kind word, we’re laying them brick by brick, stone by stone, creating a path of success that stretches into the future.

Legacy. It’s about more than just numbers on a page. It’s about the lives we touch, the seeds we plant, the ripples we create in the world. Bob Barbee, Tim Cleary, Dr. Gawley, Dr. St. Peter, Nico, and countless others – these are the architects of Elevate Phoenix’s legacy. They’re the ones showing us that building a better tomorrow isn’t just possible, it’s happening right now, one smile, one dream, one brick at a time.


Final Thoughts

Next time you hear about Elevate Phoenix, remember: you’re not just supporting a program, you’re building a castle of hope, a legacy that will stand strong for generations to come. Thank you to all our Hope Holders, our heroes, and everyone who’s contributing to this incredible journey. Together, we are building a future where every young person has the chance to rise.

Now, let’s keep laying those bricks and watch this castle reach for the sky!