About Elevate Phoenix

Seven Core Beliefs

We believe…

1. EVERY CHILD is of great worth and has the desire and the potential for success.
2. LONG TERM, 24/7/365 RELATIONSHIPS with caring adults have demonstrated positive proven outcomes in the lives of our urban youth.
3. HOLISTIC approach is essential for a strong and healthy future for our youth.
as the students and have a high capacity for positive influence.
5. SERVANT LEADERSHIP, leading from a posture of selflessness and service, is the foundation for leadership.
6. WE BELIEVE IN THE INTRINSIC DIGNITY of every person and act accordingly.
7. WORKING IN COLLABORATION yields the best long-term results, acknowledging that the complex work in our urban centers cannot be done single-handedly. Collaboration that breeds synergy ensures that we are all stronger, and more
successful, when we come together under a common goal.

About Elevate Phoenix 

We introduce urban students to a positive and caring teacher/mentor who helps ensure they don’t have to navigate life’s toughest challenges alone.

98% Graduation Rate

Our Students Graduation Rate is 98%, compared to the 74% graduation rate and 52% dropout rate in Arizona.

90% College Retention

Students who complete our R.I.S.E. program, graduate from college or a trades/certificate program.

100% of R.I.S.E Students

Continue on with college, attend a trade/certificate program, join the military/armed forces, or the workforce.

30,000+ Students

We partner with the Phoenix Union High School District, which is the largest district with over 30k+ students.

Peer Leadership Class

We are embedded in inner-city high schools, teaching life skills, character development, and leadership skills.

Teacher-Mentors 24/7

Teachers earn the right to “Do Life” with our students 24/7/365 as they become their mentor, building trust.


Skills We Teach To All Of Our Students

1. VISION: Thinking or dreaming of your future.
2. COURAGE: Being brave and standing up for what you believe in.
3. RESPECT: Treating others and yourself well.
4. CARING: Being kind and helping others.
5. RESPONSIBILITY: Doing what you need to do.
6. POSITIVE WORK ETHIC: Working hard and doing a good job.
7. INTEGRITY: Honesty, honor, and keeping promises.
8. CAREER MINDED: Preparing for a career; work chosen based on interests and skills.
9. COMMUNICATION: Talking clearly, listening carefully, making sure you understand.
10. LEADERSHIP: Influencing a team to accomplish a goal.
11. PROBLEM SOLVING: Finding good answers in hard situations.
12. DECISION MAKING: Making good choices.
13. GOAL SETTING: Making a plan and taking steps to reach my dream.