Attend Elevate Phoenix Events

Consider this your personal invitation from us!

2023 EPI Hosted by Tom Lehman

November 19th & 20th

2024 Ann Meyers Drysdale

Elevator in Education Luncheon

Harness Giving - Our New Donation Platform

We want to make it effortless for you to contribute to Elevate Phoenix throughout the year. Our new platform gives you the choice of how and when you want to give.

Click the “Donate” button available on every page.

Want To Help Us? There are many ways to do it!

Every donation makes a positive difference in our kids lives!

Make A Donation

Whether it is a one time donation or a monthly donation it will go towards growing Elevate Phoenix.

AZ Tax Credit

Donations through SAY Challenge are matched at 25%. 100% of contributions are forwarded to Elevate Phoenix.


Connect a debit/credit card to round-up your purchases to the next dollar and donate your change

Sponsor A Student

Please consider sponsoring one of our high school students for one whole year for only  $429.

GiveUp to GiveBack

What are you willing to “give up” (coffee, lunch, movie ticket, etc.) to donate to our at-risk teens instead?


Become A Sponsor

Our sponsorships from small local businesses to world-class brands drives the Elevate Phoenix mission.

Where It Goes


A $50 donation provides two hours of tutoring for students struggling in school.


Provides an electronic subscription to improve reading and comprehension.


Provides 4 hours teacher-mentor intervention for teens dealing with difficult situations.



Trains five at-risk teens to serve as peer mentors, teaching reading to elementary students.


Provides life skills, reading curriculum and program supplies for forty children.


Covers all expenses for one whole year for a participating student in our school programs.



Donation provides 20 hours of mentoring
at-risk youth who have no mentors in their lives.



Provides all supplies for 64 children attending Elevate Phoenix’s summer program.


Provides 40 hours of mentoring at-risk youth who have no mentors in their lives


A semester of our college alumni helping middle school students transition to high school



Covers all program materials to conduct our summer college transition program.


Provides 160 hours of tutoring, mentoring and homework help for dozens of at-risk youth


Donation covers electronic subscription access for all youth served for one year.



Covers more than half the cost of all 2nd and 3rd grade reading books, curriculum and supplies for an entire year


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