This is how we put your donations to good use.

We are grateful to all of our Hope Holders who invest in the lives of our future young leaders.

Where It Goes


A $50 donation provides two hours of tutoring for students struggling in school.


Provides an electronic books subscription to improve reading and comprehension.


Provides 4 hours of teacher-mentor intervention for teens dealing with difficult situations.



Trains five at-risk teens to serve as peer mentors, teaching reading to elementary students.


Provides life skills, reading curriculum and program supplies for forty children.


Covers all expenses for one whole year for a participating student in our school programs.



Donation provides 20 hours of mentoring
at-risk youth who have no mentors in their lives.



Provides all supplies for 64 children attending Elevate Phoenix’s summer program.


Provides 40 hours of mentoring at-risk youth who have no mentors in their lives


A semester of our college alumni helping middle school students transition to high school



Covers all program materials to conduct our summer college transition program.


Provides 160 hours of tutoring, mentoring and homework help for dozens of at-risk youth


Donation covers electronic subscription access for all youth served for one year.



Covers more than half the cost of all 2nd and 3rd grade reading books, curriculum and supplies for an entire year