Sponsor a Student for an Entire Year

Sponsor a Student for an Entire Year

Student and teacher at computer

Join us in empowering our future leaders! 

DID YOU KNOW? For only $1.17/day, you can support an Elevate Phoenix Student for an entire year?

That’s right, a donation of $429 will make it possible for Elevate Phoenix to transform another deserving student.

Although $429 is the exact amount needed for a student, we recently discovered it also has a true significant and real numerological meaning. 

In numerology, the combined numbers 4/2/9 represent DETERMINATION, BALANCE and SPIRITUAL GROWTH. It translates to our students to have faith and trust in themselves all the while staying focused on their goals. 

As they say, some things in life may be coincidence. In this case however, renowned philosopher Deepak Chopra said, “When you live your life with an appreciation of coincidences and their meanings, you connect with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.” 

We are reaching out to our community to ask at least 200 of you to make a meaningful investment in our future leaders. For just $429, you can sponsor one of these incredible young minds for an entire year!
At Elevate, we’re not investing in brick-and-mortar structures, but rather “living stones” – our kids. We help pave the way brick by brick to empower our youth and remind them that they are worth every ounce of our support. The return on investment is evident in the incredible outcomes they achieve when they know that they are cared for. Think about it: a 90% graduation rate, 100% post-secondary plans, and a commitment to giving back to the very communities that supported them. None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our community.
Be a part of the positive change we want to see by investing in our youth.
While we’re confident we’ll sell out at our big Elevate Phoenix Invitational this year, your contributions ensure every kid receives the care and support they deserve.
Whether you can give $5 or the complete $429, your investment matters. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please click the button below and donate TODAY through our Facebook fundraiser campaign.

We couldn’t do what we do without the Greater Phoenix community and thank you for your support. 

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