Student Success: Victor Vazquez

Student Success: Victor Vazquez

Victor Vazquez began his journey as an “Elevate Kiddo” in 7th grade at Larry C. Kennedy when our high school students came to teach him lessons they were applying in their own lives. Four years ago, when he entered Elevate Phoenix as a freshmen, he was struggling with his home life and immediately attached to the program. Since then, he has been one of our faithful students who is involved in anything we do regardless of how much work it may be or how boring it may seem.

“Elevate Phoenix has motivated me to graduate from high school and create goals in my life that I am now equipped to pursue.”

It has been a privilege to see his growth over the last four years. Victor  struggled to get his needs met from his parents, and felt ostracized because of his legal status. In spite of his challenges, we watched this boy become a young man. We walked with him as he found purpose from where it truly matters, and watched as new relationships began to heal the one with his parents. We held him as he fought to find motivation in school, knowing that he was not going to be able to pursue a higher education. We watched him take responsibility and risks as he joined different clubs at school and began to lead other students. We listened as he struggled in relationships because of his personal convictions and high expectations. With every step, he continued to learn and grow and is a bright, very talented young man. Victor was awarded scholarships for track at multiple colleges and universities. Because of a “scholarship hustle event” for undocumented students, Victor was able to accept an opportunity at Western New Mexico University.

In an impromptu moment, one of Victor’s elementary teachers who was recognized as one of Elevates “Elevator in Education Awardees” at Ann Meyers Drysdale’s breakfast, recognized him at the banquet and brought him up front to publicly announce, with tears in his eyes, that Victor was a different kid than he knew in grade school. He attributed Victors growth and strength to his involvement in Elevate Phoenix. He was impressed by the young man he is today, giving back and relating to kids who have similar challenges.

Victor wants to be involved with Elevate Phoenix. He is helping us out in the classroom during school hours, and coaches swimming after school. He strives to be the best leader he can be. 

“I never had someone there for me. Having Elevate Phoenix in my life has helped me beyond words.”
-Victor Vazquez