Elevate Cares

Elevate Cares

Rigo is currently a senior at Cesar Chavez High School. During his senior year, he was experiencing … as he called it … “hard life stuff.” He came to his mentor, Mr. Moss, asking for help applying for a job. While preparing a résumé and job searching with his mentors, he shared that his mom recently lost her job and he was trying to help support his family.

Rigo’s mentors used donated gift cards to Fry’s Marketplace to help support their family. Rigo and his mother were grateful for the care shown by the Teacher-Mentors. A month later, his mentors were also a part of his support team at a behavior conference for Rigo.

In settings like these our Teacher-Mentors put on the hat as advocates for students. Rigo’s mother was appreciative of the kind words that were shared about her son as well as the accountability plan they shared to help keep him on track. After the conference, Rigo’s mom thanked them for loving her son well.

As Rigo‘s mentors continue to walk alongside him, he is preparing for graduation. Rigo continues to have the love and support of his mentors as he explores degree programs and scholarship options. His sister is also in The Elevate Phoenix program as a sophomore. Yesterday she was assisted in prepping for her job interview by her mentor. We are proud to say that she got the job!

“Rigo is one of many examples of how the Chavez team takes time to understand and serve every student in their caseload.”

Dalila A. Gamper

Elevate Phoenix Executive Director

In the middle of the pandemic the Chavez High School Administration Team reached out to our Chavez Elevate Team and asked for help in connecting with students off-campus. The Admin team knew that the Chavez Teacher-Mentors had a reputation for building deep and meaningful long-term relationships with students for the past twelve years. The Chavez Elevate Staff stepped in and lent a hand in making weekly home deliveries of goodies for students going to school on a consistent basis virtually. Not only was the Chavez Team loving on their own caseload of students, they were bringing hope to students across the campus.

Upon returning to in-person school for the 2021-2022 School Year the Chavez Team was asked to share their wisdom in Building Community With Your Students. The Chavez Admin team asked the Chavez Elevate Team to carry out a training to the entire school staff as a personal development presentation. They recognized Elevate’s long-standing professional development and training in Social Emotional Learning.

Each lesson that our staff teaches in the classroom and creates for the Kiddos Program covers a SEL Competency. In the fall of 2019 our Elevate Teacher Mentors began training in Trauma Informed Care for Youth Workers which provides three 30hr courses to equip staff to work with youth who have or will experience trauma.

Elevate Staff was ahead of the game in taking into account the need for social emotional learning and trauma studies. Elevate Staff is now teaching other professionals how to build community in the aftermath of COVID.