Discover Your Future (High School)

  • Accredited, elective high school class called “Peer Leadership” teaching: Life Skills, Character Qualities, and Leadership Development.  
  • Teacher-Mentors of Elevate Phoenix have the perfect platform as teacher, to earn their right to “do life” with our kids through our 24/7 mentoring program.
  • Middle School students have the opportunity to get acclimated to the program before they start in high school
  • lunch mentoring, after school drop-in programs, and/or activities specifically planned for them outside of school hours. 

MVP (Middle School)

Kiddos/MyOn (Elementary Kids & Reading Program)

High School leaders teach their kiddos lessons that they have learned.  Kiddos get taught a lesson at their level each week. They are not only taught the definition but given real life examples and recommendations on how they can apply what they are learning in their schools, at home, and in their communities.  Students have access to the digital library with over 8,000 books where they can read more in depth online about the concept of a lesson they are learned. EX: if the lesson is on Responsibility that week, they are given a suggestion of a book that coincides with that concept.

Camp is held at each of the Elementary schools where programming takes place.  It is open to all students 2nd-8th grade where they are provided with free breakfast and lunch.  During the summer program, we accumulate all the lessons that the students have been learning throughout the year and tie them to a theme. Elementary students can spend quality time with their high school leaders who have been building relationships with them all year long.  The way that our classes strategically build upon each other, is the same way that these students get to experience the cycle of growing with the program every year. It builds and goes deeper for the purpose of transforming lives.

Summer Camp (K-8)

R.I.S.E (Summer Bridge into College for HS Graduates)

Our college program called R.I.S.E. stands for Relationships, Instruction, Support and the Equipping of urban post-secondary students. This summer bridge program -designed specifically for our high school graduates- partners with South Mountain Community College.  We work with our students to help them identify a post-secondary plan which includes one of the following: Continuation with college, Attendance in a trade school or certificated program, Joining the Military, or Entering the workforce with additional skills. The primary goal of R.I.S.E. is to expose students to college through the completion of a 5-week summer program where students will enroll in two classes to gain 6-college credits.

Areas of Transformation

Accredited Classes
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  • Full Time Diverse Teacher/Mentors
  • Teacher Peer Leadership Class
  • Accredited Elective High School Class
  • Leadership and Character Curriculum Meets National Standards
  • Curriculum approved by Phoenix Union High School District
  • Career and Workforce Readiness
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  • 24/7/365 Availability & Support
  • Same In School Teacher /Mentors Developing Consistent , Intentional Relationships With Students
  • High School Student “Leaders” Mentor Elementary School Students
Reading & Literacy
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  • 24/7 Digital Library
  • Access Over 5,000 Books Available
  • Leads to a 25% Higher Graduation Rate
Graduation & Post-Secondary
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  • Provide College Applications, Scholarships and FASFA Assistance
  • R.I.S.E College Bridge Summer Program Relationship, Instruction, and Support Equipment
  • Elevate Phoenix Alumni
  • “Man Up”, Summer & Reading Programs

All of our high school graduates, regardless of their post-secondary plan, have a space where they can give back to the same community they just came from.  They meet once a month to connect and once a month to have meetings where they do community projects, get workshops to help them with professional growth and development and much more.  We even offer annual retreats. This is the pool of individuals that we find our interns, volunteers and potential new hires out of.


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