Elevate Phoenix recently had the opportunity to take a group of our students on a tour of Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. It was an incredible experience full of highlights for the students and staff. The first thing that struck everyone was the dedication and commitment of the airmen and women who were our hosts. They were friendly and welcoming and assured the students felt comfortable and safe. They were also very knowledgeable and answered the students’ questions with enthusiasm and patience. The tour was fascinating, and the students saw first-hand how the Air Force works. They saw the planes, the pilots, and the maintenance crews in action. Students learned about the history of Luke Air Force Base and the role it plays in our country’s defense. 

The students were able to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the sacrifices made by our military. This experience was especially beneficial for some, as it provides them with an alternative to the traditional college route.

For many of our students, the military can offer the opportunity to gain valuable job skills and experience, as well as the chance to serve their country.


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