“Elevate has impacted me in many different ways. I have learned a lot about life and have grown spiritually and have people that I can call if I ever need anything. I also have that person that calls you randomly and asks how you’re doing “Bobby” lol 😂 I love that guy, he has always been there for me. I love being a part of Elevate Phoenix and being an alumni is a blessing.”

Silvia H

“Elevate helped me begin to accept the parts of me that I felt ashamed of and showed me the importance of mindset and character.”


“Elevate Phoenix has impacted me as a whole in high school because I was so lost, depressed and suicidal. It’s clear that the mentors changed my life forever as I am still here.”


We deliver long-term, life-changing        relationships with urban youth.

“Elevate impacted me to become more confident and love myself more.”


“Elevate has impacted me with self growth and self development. I learned how to communicate with others and to always keep an open mind. I grew into to love of public speaking and to motivate others the way that Elevate motivated me.”


“Elevate has empowered me to be the best me and trust myself even with my doubts.”

Maria C

“Saved my life and made me realize my potential.”


“Elevate Phoenix has impacted my life by showing me that even though times are tough, if you work hard good things will come to you. I also learned to keep being positive☺️.”


“Elevate has made me push on. Doors tend to close but Elevate reopens those doors. I’m glad I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of this wonderful family. 

Erik M.

“How Elevate Phoenix impacted me is the amount of support that people that we tended to see for a short while can make a long term impact in life. They taught me to be patient with myself because I wanted to do too much at the same time and the stress took over so I never got time to enjoy life at the time. Now this program gave me the confidence that I never knew I could obtain. :,) “


“Elevate Phoenix has been there through my ups & downs. I am beyond blessed for the curriculum & the amazing mentors that answer your 1 AM phone call when life gets too stressful & are the ones who are always rooting you on. I am now the assistant director at a learning center. And because of Elevate Phoenix, I was able to not only follow my dreams but complete them as well.”


“Elevate has impacted me in many ways with my education and personal life. With Elevate I feel like they have given me an extra push to become the person I was meant to be.” 


“Elevate Phoenix has deeply impacted me by providing many opportunities to ensure I have a bright future. They have led me through positive pathways and continue to support my decisions!”


“Elevate has impacted me by giving me hope that things in life (personal, work, spiritual) can always get better. No matter how dark or alone you feel, just keep pushing forward because you’ll always have someone in your corner.”


“How Elevate changed my life, is that it gave me a new perspective of life that it changed me by showing that there are people I can rely on like Mr. Jay and Mrs. Jazz that I was able to have a support system that motivated me and helped me believe in myself even when I didn’t.”


“Elevate Phoenix has helped me connect better with other people and has helped me feel more  comfortable in a social environment. I used to be the shy person in the room that couldn’t speak or the quiet girl that couldn’t make friends but through Elevate Phoenix I have learned to take baby steps to be able to raise my voice.  After all these years it has enabled me to help others. “


“Elevate has helped me to reach for greater than I knew possible, to help give back to the community and to treat others with love and respect.”


“Elevate has impacted me positively by inspiring me to align with my higher self, and motivating me to stay on the most righteous path for me.”


“Elevate Phoenix has impacted me so much. They’ve helped me realize that my past doesn’t define who I am. Also, that change isn’t always a negative thing and everything happens for a reason.”


“Elevate has been there every step of my life. They have shown me, love . Thank you!” 


“Ever since I joined Elevate it’s had a huge impact in guiding me towards what I am currently working so hard towards. This is an amazing system and I am so glad to still be a part of it and hopefully it will continue to guide me and I can one day repay it all back!”


“I began my journey with Elevate Phoenix during my high school years. During those times I’ve struggled with a phobia of public speaking and being in large crowds. There were many panic attacks and moments where I let fear sink in. With the encouragement of my teachers, mentors and a ton of crying I have been able to take control of the fear and become the person I’m supposed to be, a cheerful, independent woman who isn’t afraid to challenge herself to speak out. Thank you Dee, Amanda, Raul, Tom! Thank you Elevate!


“Elevate has impacted me by helping me get ready for life after high school. It also gave me connections to people like mentors and career people in case I feel like I don’t know what to do with my life.”


“Elevate has impacted me by reaching for my goals and pursuing my passions.” 


“Elevate has been there for me and help change my life for the better”


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