President’s Message

 Dear Friends,

When we look back on 2020, we will remember it as a year of challenges, adversity, and outstanding innovation.

It is with that remarkable spirit of innovation, that I share some wonderful highlights from Elevate Phoenix.

Like all of us, for most of 2020, we’ve been challenged with the realities of a global pandemic. Covid-19 shut down our schools, put masks and social distancing measures in place and created a new reality for us. Yet, it is during times of adversity, that we can create opportunities that have never been envisioned before.

Changing times required a change in our business.

Elevate Phoenix was at the forefront of that innovation.

  • Our teacher/mentors continued working with all of our students virtually, delivering computers and other electronics to those who needed them.
  • We put on our annual summer camp, (virtually of course), so students could interact with fellow classmates, get some exercise, try their hand at art, improve their reading skills and continue learning about character development and leadership. Most of our students had planned on attending our regular summer camp, before the Coronavirus hit, and we couldn’t let them down.  We felt it was especially important to keep our students engaged and learning during the summer and that by keeping our word and holding this camp virtually, our students came back stronger in the Fall and ready to continue our program.
  • Elevate celebrated 2020 high school graduates with a social distancing party with their teacher/mentors driving directly to their homes and cheering on their mentees as they passed out gifts and congratulated them on their accomplishments. It was our way of celebrating with our high school seniors not participating in graduation ceremonies due to Covid-19.

And perhaps one of our grandest achievements: we turned our largest fundraiser of the year into a completely virtual event.

Our ‘Elevate Phoenix Invitational, hosted by Tom Lehman’ gala and celebrity golf tournament is held annually in November and hosts hundreds of sponsors and donors.

This year, we had a bold goal, to raise $600,000 virtually during a global pandemic.

We understood the ambitiousness of our plan, considering non-profits across the country have struggled with fundraising this year, with some closing their doors.

I’m happy to report that …. WE DID IT!

Thanks to your help, we doubled our silent auction revenue from last year and met our goal, raising just over $600,000.

Supporters really got behind our virtual concept with more than 2,000 people watching our show and many others hosting viewing parties.

Our auction items were truly one of a kind gifts and experiences from a Who’s Who of entertainers, PGA pros, movie stars, supporters, and local philanthropists.

All of this money will go directly towards changing the lives of the more than 5000 students we work with each year.

We are so grateful for your support and know that none of this is possible without you.

May you enjoy the rest of the year with your family and friends.

We look forward to even more amazing highlights and innovation next year and know that 2021 is right around the corner!

May God bless you and your family during this holiday season.

All the best always,

Ed Beasley, President
Elevate Phoenix


 Thank You to all of our supporters!