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December 1st

Your Time Left to Give








Teacher/mentors made deliveries of Thanksgiving Turkeys for our students and their families, while wearing masks. 

Elevate Phoenix stays in touch with our students by spending time with them virtually, and in person, with masks and social distancing, to let them know they are cared for now more than ever.

Delivering Turkeys to Our Students


How we are making a difference:

  • We are ensuring that all of our students have access to daily meals.
  • We are answering their questions and supporting them in any way possible.
  • We are staying in touch through calls, texts, email, FaceTime and social media.
  • We’re having ‘virtual’ classes to teach life skills and mentoring during a time when it may be needed most.

    We continue to be a beacon of hope and stability for the kids and families we serve when they need it most.

 Thank You to all of our supporters!